Perfect White Shirt, here is why!

Think about the classic white shirt in your everyday wardrobe. Often we consider shirts to be disposable, specially when they come in white. It fades or leaves stains so we simply throw it away and invest in a new one only to repeat the same process again. Don't you wish things worked differently?

 We have a solution! Took us a while, but now that we have it - It’s a game changer.  Introducing, The Classic Giza Cotton  Shirt.


You can put it in the washer as many times( It’s an office-wear essential afterall! ), and we promise it won’t fade. It boasts luxurious texture and fine yarn count of Ne60’s. (Not the usual Ne40's). Sourced from the banks of River Nile, the most fertile land known to man - the crop is harvested and then woven into plush fabric, all by hand ascertaining the highest level of purity and keeping the strength of each thread intact. Richness of colour and Inherent glow are just the few on the laundry list of qualities Giza has. You can bet your "cotton" dollar this is a shirt you wouldn't want to miss.

Giza promises to get softer with every wash. Just magical isn't it?

We got a few customers to review the shirt and this is what they have to say. 

"It just doesn't get better than this. All these years were spent reinvesting in white shirts every 2 month. But now, I don't have to do that anymore. It's been 6 months, and it's as good as new." 

- Jhanvi Tiwari  


"I wear it to work, on weekends, and for brunches. Just can't get enough of how good it feels on my skin. Think I'll get the one in Pink as well now."

- Ananya Kapoor 


 We also have a pink variant in this shirt ( A little colour hurt nobody right?) You can pick your's from here:


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