Cracking the “Modern Wardrobe”, KNYA by Vanshika Chodhary brings you a range of chic, classy and dapper work clothes for “The Working Woman”

In this 21st century, the concept of a modern woman has changed drastically. Being a woman means striving to reach farther and aiming for the moon. Epitomizing the sentiment meet Vanshika Chodhary, Founder and CEO of KNYA.

Taking her mother’s advice to – “Stay humble and work hard”. While studying at the Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore where she studied Fashion Media and Industries she turned a graduation project to create a business model into a real brand.

For her it took just one affirmative thought to start something she believed in. After returning to India with an International education, she found that there was a lack of Indian brands selling western wear in India, with an aesthetic that someone like her would relate to and appreciate, the average market was mainly dominated by International fast fashion brands.

With her aim to elevate the taste level of fast fashion for modern women with diverse personal styles and a strong sense of individuality, she created KNYA.

KNYA represents the multifaceted roles that a woman takes on and the strength, beauty, and power with which she faces all challenges.

After, working under her father for about a year and a half to gain insightful knowledge about fabrics via a family business in Textiles and researching about the fashion E commerce industry in India KNYA was born.

KNYA derived from “Panchakanya” which represents the power of the five heroines from the Hindu epic; KNYA represents the multifaceted roles that a woman takes on and the strength, beauty, and power with which she faces all challenges.

With this she set on a mission to befriend every modern woman in her journey towards success.

KNYA founded in 2015 and launched in August 2017 is a modern and mindful fashion brand offering fashion pieces for the modern wardrobe, they strive to offer clothes that are tasteful and wearable.

Vanshika being able to execute her dream to be a part of something bigger faced many up’s and down’s while creating KNYA and now considers them “minor bumps”. Always open to criticisms and feedbacks her first goal is to have KNYA accepted by the new age women as their go to brand and make them believe that they are a part of the journey on which women are going places and achieving so many things in their respective fields.

Being an entrepreneur by blood and following her father’s footsteps she always loved creating things. KNYA is what consumes her and satisfies her.

KNYA is a modern and mindful fashion brand offering fashion pieces for the modern wardrobe

Remembering her journey, looking at her father achieving a lot by staying true to his work and following her mother’s advice to “Help those who you know have no means to help you back. Always feel blessed, because you really are. Nobody has everything figured out right from the start – just start it, rest will fall into place.” She aims to dream higher than ever and be a “part of the journey of a modern woman.”

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