Not all heroes wear capes, some wear #KNYA #KNYAMED #KNYAUNIFORMS Some wear uniforms, surgical gowns, scrubs or lab coats. To make sure our superheroes have top-quality garments to safely carry on their heroic work, we did a deep-dive into fabric technology & design to understand exactly what they really want out of their daily hospital/restaurant/school/factory wear. And they didn’t want drab! Made in a variety of breathable fabrics and designs, we see to it that KNYA garments rank high on both style and comfort. And you know what, we didn’t just stop at making the garments; we made millions of professionals try them on till we perfected our collection. After all, the ‘Guardians of Humanity’ need to look cool too! Join us on our journey. #KNYAMED #KNYAUNIFORMS #KNYA

KNYA Uniforms: Workwear for restaurants, schools, airlines and factory workers

KNYA MED: Workwear for medical professionals

KNYA: Workwear for women entering the workplace